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EBL: The President lays down the Law

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Yves AubryYesterday I wrote to the EBL President, Mr Yves Aubry, he answered my questions thus.

LC: I’ve just read the recent announcements from the EBL Disciplinary Commission, why are the hearings for Fantoni-Nunes and Fisher-Schwartz postponed?

Aubry: As usual it was some problems about availability of some one or another but now everybody (Disciplinary Committee, Players, Advocates from the 2 sides) have agreed the new schedule.


LC: What is your view of the sentence handed down by the Italian Bridge Federation (FIGB) on Fantoni-Nunes and the sentence meted out by the German Bridge Federation( DBV) regarding Piekarek-Smirnov?

Aubry:  The EBL is competent to all event happening during the EBL Championships and is the only one. The EBL disciplinary commission will look what happens in Opatija in 2014.

No more no less.

I regret the decisions of DBV and FIGB took for internal reasons. In addition Fantoni Nunes for all Bridge instances are registered in Monaco and not in Italy. But it will not change the work of the EBL about Opatija. And will have no influence for the EBL Disciplinary Commission.


LC: Why do you regret the decisions taken by FIGB and the DBV, could you clarify your views on this subject?

I regret not the decision but the fact they took a decision on a matter regarding only the EBL.


Laura Camponeschi

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