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Dutch Bridge Federation sent a letter to WBF

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orange logoThe Dutch Bridge Federation has just published the following document: It’s a reply to WBF statement of October 9th, 2015.


World Bridge Federation

Att of Mr. Gianarrigo Rona,

President Mr David R. Harris,

General Counsel Members of the Board


Dear Mr. President, dear Mr. Harris, dear members of the Board,

With disappointment the Dutch Bridge Federation perused the “statement by the World Bridge Federation” of October 9th. The NBB does not feel that, along the lines of your statement, our bridge sport will be freed from cheating pairs in an efficient and fast way. Different from the statements and actions taken by the EBL, it seems that the WBF chooses to a wait and see.

Bridge as a sport is what we are fighting for. Crucial is that good sportsmanship and Olympic values are governed and guarded by all members and organs of the WBF, and especially by the highest representative of our sport: the World Bridge Federation itself.

We do not understand why the WBF currently refuses to start any independent investigations regarding cheating at its past tournaments. This happens at a time when bridge encounters serious credibility issues, in which, as we all know, WBF-supervised tournaments and competitions are also implicated.

Undoubtedly there are legal complications ahead of us. How to handle ‘ne bis in idem’, what is sufficient proof, and what will be a fair trial? The presumption of innocence should be honoured, but so should the grounded suspicions to cheating.

In the present situation, fear for possible legal claims should not guide the route to clean up our sport. From the highest board we expect appropriate measures to insure the integrity of the sport and fair competitions. Therefore an undisputed image should be the primary concern.

With this letter we plea for your board to come up with a new statement, which is accompanied by a plan of action to ensure the fairness of our sport.

Kind regards,

Koos Vrieze

President Dutch Bridge Federation



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