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Dutch Bridge Federation: Request of a Formal Review

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logo Bridge BondThe Dutch Bridge Federation (NBB) submitted a formal request to review the status of Lotan Fischer – Ron Schwartz and Fulvio Fantoni -Claudio Nunes:


European Bridge League Att. President Yves Aubry

By email

Subject: Status Lotan Fisher- Ron Schwartz, Fulvio Fantoni – Claudio Nunes, and its consequences


Dear President,

Last week information has been disclosed that puts into question the bridge results obtained by Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz, at least over the season 2014/2015 and before. Several well standing member NBO’s, e.g. the NBF (Norway) and the DBF (Denmark), have brought this to your attention and required an official review from the EBL. The NBB gives support to this request for review.

On top of this, recent disclosures raise questions against the results of Fulvio Fantoni – Claudio Nunes too, over the season 2014/15 and before.

It is clear that this effects the core-competence of the EBL (and the WBF). Fair competition is their ‘raison d’être’. The image of international bridge in general and of EBL-bridge competition in particular is in danger. It is also highly questionable that nominations for participation in other events, such as Bermuda Bowl and Champions’ Cup for the bridge season 2015/16, are properly founded.

Therefore we strongly ask the EBL board for immediate action to invest these allegations and to take appropriate measures thereafter to restore confidence in international bridge, and competitions of EBL and WBF. Part of this action should be to review the scheme of country-nominations for this season (2015/16) and thereafter.

With kind regards,

Koos Vrieze Chairman of the NBB (Dutch Bridge Federation)



source: NBB

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