Clear victory for Monaco in 2001 Spingold final

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Team Monaco under the captaincy of Pierre Zimmermann took the 2011 Spingold KO Teams Trophy. At the Summer NABC in Toronto Zimmermann and co. booked a clear victory against the team of Nick Nickell in the final: 132-86. Playing for the winners were Pierre Zimmermann and Franc Multon, Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes and Tor Helness and Geir Helgemo. For each of them it was the first Spingold victory.

Team Zimmermann intends to participate in the 2012 European Bridge Teams Championships. So far the European Bridge League however did not authorize to let Monaco compete there. Though the players of Team Zimmermann have all established residences in Monaco it seems that the 2012 Championships come to early.  According to the EBL rules and regulations the minimum residence period is 24 months in order to allow players to represent a country. By then only 20 months will have elapsed.


by Jan van Cleeff



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