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Chronicles of Bali 2013: Italy takes the lead

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open tabThere are facts, situations, events that everybody, everywhere we are, recognizes as symbols and proofs of soundness of the world we live in: the taste of the home made bread, the power of the English navy, the Bermuda Bowl led by Italians, etc. Not only Italy is leading in Bali, by Lauria, Versace, Bocchi, Madala, Duboin, Sementa, but another Italian pair, Fantoni-Nunes, is pursuing in Monaco Team, the Country where they dwell. Here’s the ranking after the twelfth out of twenty-one round; the first eight teams (after the end of Round Robin stage), will qualify for the knock-out matches.

Quite interesting news, in positive for the teams concerned, are the third place of Japan and the fifth of Germany. Rather surprising is the eleventh of USA2, whereas USA1 was rather low until four matches ago, then started an impressive string of authoritative victories against the strongest: The Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, and China.

women tabIn Venice Cup Women Teams almost all the favourites are placed properly, less or more. England and France, respectively European champion and title holder, are only sixth and seventh, but their lead over the ninth place looks safe, twenty-five imps (to remember: the new scale is 20-0, no longer 25-0; therefore a today twenty-five lead is worth thirty in the old scale). By no means safe, instead, is the eight place of Canada: the Turkish Team had started really badly, but has reached the ninth place since three rounds, ready to jump still upward.

Not completely unexpected is the first place of The Netherlands, but the pace is very fast: +20 over the Americans, second and third. Also normal is the fourth place of China, whereas Indonesia looks late, only thirteenth.




seniors tab

In Ernesto D’Orsi Senior Bowl – remember, after twelve out of twenty-one rounds – there are good news for the Belgian and the Scottish, first and third (France is more used to be second, or better). Poland and USA1 started slowly, but now both are into the octet, respectively sixth and eight. It is always difficult to make forecasts in Seniors Bowl: the open and women series usually have the best players, whereas a senior team might have been weakened because a strong over-sixty would have preferred to play the others, or might be “enriched” because the opposite migration, as is the case of USA1 with Bob Hamman.






Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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