Chess – 2014’s Candidates: The Comeback of Anand

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chessViswanathan Anand has won the Candidate Tourney at Khanty-Mansiysk, in Russia, leaving the second, Vladimir Kramnik, at 1,5 points; the last round is being played, but the Indian champion cannot longer be got.

Anand won three out of thirteen matches, against Aronian, Mamedyarov and Topalov; all the others were drew. It was full of expectations the performance of Levon Aronian, deemed the favourite, but he was defeated by the winner just at the very first round, at the opening of the tourney, and after that Anand never yield the lead.

By this victory Anand have got the right to challenge the title holder, the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, who deposed him in the match of Chennai, in India, played in November 2013. The 2014’s World Challenge will take place from 6th to 25th November; the venue of the event will be decided by an auction which has to be closed by April 30th.

The bid has not a minimum, but the FIDE’s announcement of the bidding procedure kindly offers the information that the Chennai’s the prize for players was 1,850,000 euro.


Standing at round 13th (one to the end)

Viswanathan Anand 8

Vladimir Kramnik 6,5

Dmitry Andreikin 6,5

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 6,5

Levon Aronian 6,5

Sergey Karjakin 6,5

Peter Svidler 6

Veselin Topalov 5,5



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