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Budapest 2016: France won Open Teams

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France won the Open Teams before Sweden and Netherlands. The Frenchmen took the lead at the tenth round and never relinquished it but one round to a very good Germany. The struggle for the first place saw Germany, Sweden and Monaco often very close to French, but in the next to last round a great victory over Germany settled the issue.

The champions: Thomas Bessis, Francois Combescure, Cedric Lorenzini, Jean-Christophe Quantin, Jerome Rombaut, Frederic Volcker. NPC Lionel Sebbane.

First to seventh (qualified to 2017’s Bermuda Bowl):

France          489.77

Sweden        474.92

Netherlands  471.07

Monaco        464.92

Germany      446.16

Italy              432.70

Bulgaria        432.06


In Woman Teams, England won over France and Poland. The winners: Sally Brock, Fiona Brown, Heather Dhondy, Catherine Draper, Nevena Senior, Nicola Smith; Npc Derek Patterson; Coach David Burn.

First to seventh (qualified to 2017’s Venice Cup):

England        313.35

France          308.78

Poland          303.09

Russia           284.48

Israel            282.81

Netherlands  275.73

Sweden        272.17


In Senior Teams, Israel won over Sweden and Poland. The Israeli Team: Meir Berkman, Avi Kalish, Leonid Podgur, Adrian Schwartz, Noah Tymianker, Shalom Zeligman; NPC Etan Orenstein.

First to seventh (qualified to 2017’s Senior Bowl):

Israel            289.67

Sweden        287.58

Poland          277.32

Turkey          277.21

Italy              270.57

France          264.58

Austria         264.12


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