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Brink and Drijver will not play Bermuda Bowl 2017

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Sjoert Brink and Bas Drijver have withdrawn from the Dutch Open Team who will compete this summer at the Bermuda Bowl in Lyon, France.

The reason is that the World Championships dates coincide with the school holidays. Brink and Drijver, both father of two children, are giving priority to their family life. Brink and Drijver’s decision is a serious loss for the Netherlands, which had high hopes for a place of honor at the World Cup. Brink and Drijver are world class players. Last year the pair won the butler at the European Championships and the World Bridge Games.

In a first reaction, teammate Simon de Wijs  shows how challenging their absence is perceived to be: “I think the timing of the World Bridge Federation is clumsy. Many top events take place during the summer. The agenda is simply too full. Nevertheless, I am also a little disappointed by Bas and Sjoert. I had really hoped that they could make the time.”

Team Captain Anton Maas confirmed that there have been various attempts to convince Brink and Drijver to play in Lyon, without success.

The news has been announced by IMP – Bridge Magazine

Updated March 28, 2017 – After the publication of our article yesterday, many readers expressed their doubts about the real reasons which led Brink and Drijver to withdraw from the World Championships. We thus asked Sjoert Brink directly: “Do you and Bas intend to leave the Netherlands and start playing for another country?”

Brink answered: “If Lyon was one month later and not in holiday Bas and I would have played for Netherlands. But maybe in future we will play for another country…I have no idea”.


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