Bridge Winners Challenge Match

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On September 23rd at 1PM EST, Bridge Base Online (BBO) will host a challenge match between the Bridge Winners team and Prahalad Rajkumar, Raghu Rajkumar, Rajkumar Rajeswaran, and John Adams. Prahalad bested hundreds of competitors to win the inaugural Bridge Winners Spingold Fantasy Bracket competition. As the grand-prize winner Prahalad earned the right to challenge Bridge Winners in a 24-board IMP match with a team of his choice for a shot at $500. The Bridge Winners Team is composed of: Gavin Wolpert, Steve Weinstein, Jason Feldman, Greg Humphreys, Ari Greenberg and Eugene Hung.

 BBO will broadcast the action on Vugraph; several well-known bridge players will provide live audio and typed commentary with active discussions about the hands as they unfold at each table.

Here are the convention cards for both teams >>


September 23, 2012

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