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Boye Brogeland: “Not Surprised!”

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Boye Brogeland (Elisabeth van Ettinger)This morning, around h. 12.30, a video about Brogeland and Lindqvist has been posted at Youtube. The video was associated to the account “London Bridge”. Just a few minutes later, the video has been deleted and the associated account was closed.

But some time later the video was again posted at Youtube by Mrs Laura Villa, an italian player active on BridgeWinners, who in the past posted another video concerning Fantunes’ Case.

This is the link of the Brogeland-Lindqvist video: click here »

Eric Laurant, in charge of the EBL  investigation is not yet impressed by the video released today: “It is no more than a smokescreen. They [the Fantunes’ camp] claim that with a little goodwill a code can be found for each pair. Maybe so in a particular set, but Fantunes code is on each set of games. And that’s a substantial difference.” (Laurant released this statement to Jan van Cleeff – IMP Magazine)

Of course I asked a reply from Brogeland, who released me the followings:

“I am not surprised to see accused cheaters go to steps like this to protect themselves. I would actually have thought it would have happened before, but it’s probably a convenient time to release something like this. It also proves how hard it is to take down the real cheaters whose mentality seems to be: If you can’t prove it beyond reasonable doubt, we didn’t cheat!”


Laura Camponeschi for Neapolitan Club and IMP Magazine

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