Bocchi and Madala in the Top16 of Copenhagen

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 Norberto Bocchi and Agustin Madala form one of the sixteen pairs that shall play the Copenaghen Bridge Invitational, also called (in French): “Turnoi International du Prince Consort of Danemark”.  The Prins Henrik is from France and he is the Patron of the tournament. If you are worried because you have never heard of such event, calm down! It is because it is new: you haven’t still lose anything. But if you think that, being it new, you can wait to follow it the times when will be grown out, hurry up! It is already great.

 Today program. In the Tivoli Congress Center, next to Tivoli Gardens, will be played the PRO-AM tourney: it means that the Amateurs (AMs: people playing as you and me) will play a tourney pairing with the Professionals (PROs: people never playing as you and me). The Amateurs have gained their right to have a professional player as partner by a money auction in the preceding days.

 Friday to Sunday. Copenaghen Bridge Invitational. The sixteen pairs will play an Italian round robin (each pair against all others) of ten deals, scoring in IMPs.

 A tourney become great in many years, after that great champions have won it. The Danish have thought: “Why do wait many years? Let’s invite all the greatest champions at once!”. And this is the list they have sorted out:

 1. Geir Helgemo – Tor Helness, Norway

2. Nafiz Zorlu – Salvador Assael, Turkey

3. Michael Askgård – Gregers Bjarnarson, Denmark

4. Andrey Gromov – Evgeni Shanurin, Russia

5. Juan Carlos Ventin – Frederic Wrang, Spain / Sweden

6. Jens Auken – Søren Christiansen, Denmark 

7. Norberto Bocchi – Agustin Madala, Italy

8. Zia Mahmood – Roy Welland, USA

9. Jakob Røn – Lars Blakset, Denmark

10. Sabine Auken – Daniela von Arnim, Germany

11. Philippe Cronier – Gunnar Hallberg, France / Sweden

12. Steve Garner – Howard Weinstein, USA

13.Fredrik Nyström – Peter Bertheau, Sweden

14. Tom Hanlon – John Carroll, Ireland

15. Krzysztof Martens – Krzysztof Jassem, Poland

16. Boye Brogeland – Erik Sælensminde, Norway

 A fine bunch of World and Continental Champions, isn’t it? The Copenaghen Invitational will become famous at least for the stronger pair ever listed in the last place in an international tourney.

Have we something to criticize? Yes, we have. There is only one Italian pair: Bocchi-Madala. However, this isn’t a true problem as there will be only one first place in the final ranking. Other players which absence we must note are some women as D’Ovidio-Gaviard, Jillian Levin and Jill Meyers. Only one woman pair looks too little, also if they are as great as Daniela Von Arnim and Sabine Auken.

by Paolo Enrico Garrisi



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