BBO InterCity League: It is over!

 Ascoli Piceno has beaten Wales United (77-15), so winning Intercity League for the third time.

Not surprisnigly we saw Ascoli Piceno   and Wales United  in the final.  Turbin’s team started strongly and never lost momentum.

 Well done by both  teams and all the greetings to Ascoli for their third  title.

 Except for the early drop out of Zagreb everything went  smoothly in this  edition.

 I am glad that one croatian team made it all the  way to  quaterfinals.

 Now we are on a summer break and will be back in October  for 14th edition.  I plan no changes in format. Lets just say that i might be  picky when  admiting new teams to this league.
Have a good time till then,
Tonci Radelja

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