BBO InterCity League autumn 2012: Clonboo’s still leading

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The Round Robin stage is at 6th round out of seven and the first verdict has been issued: Clonboo is at the moment the strongest team. The Irish town is leading the Group A by 126 Imp, exactly twenty-one per match. Second, in the some group, comes the powerful Ascoli Piceno with 124. For those who still don’t know InterCity League, Ascoli Piceno has won four times the trophy; but the British Islands are now coming forward.

Cardiff has won the last edition, defeating in final right Ascoli Piceno; and in the very first round of the new edition Clonboo also has defeated Ascoli (21-9!); so the Italian team has been defeated twice consecutively – the last match of the last edition and the first one of the new one – by a row of Britons. In third and fourth position of Group A there are Wroclaw and Žužemberk; Edinburgh is trailing by fifteen Imp in fifth place, without many hopes to qualify.

Group A
Cloonboo    126
Ascoli Piceno    124
Wroclaw    99
Žužemberk    82
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Edinburgh    67
Zadar    66
Nikšić    56
Vis    48

Group B
Wales United    112
Egedal    99
Rijeka    91
Cardiff    90
But Nis is following with 88: the qualification of the title holder, Cardiff, is in jeopardy.
Niš    88
Čačak    70
Konavle    64
Skopje    42

Group C
Praha    119
Pärnu    105
Žnjan    102
Ljubljana    96
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Manchester    87
Split    78
Jagodina    66
Kočevje    61
Manchester in the next and last round will play against Jagodina, which average result per match is 11-19, whereas Ljubljana will face Parnu.

The Group D contains the other two Italians teams, Napoli and Montecatini, and other four British ones; here is the roster:
GlasVegas    120
Montecatini    107
City of Manchester    103
G. Oryahovitsa    99
Connacht    93
Napoli    88
Škola bridža DU    40
Leicester    17

Connacht has played only five matches, so the fourth place of the Bulgarian Gorna Oryahovitsa, a new entry in the event, isn’t not so good as it looks, and Manchester still cannot sleep quiet as well.
This group has a peculiarity: Manchester and Leicester (namely Great Darby in Leicestershire) could be the two towns where the Bridge was born, in the second half of ‘800; so guessed William Dalton, a theorist and historian who published it in 1906. Read this article: Bridge Origins >>

The last round will take place on Wednesday 28 November at 20:45 CET (London +1).
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Paolo Enrico Garrisi

November 22, 2012

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  1. Paolo Enrico Garrisi on said:

    Fabio Colasante, player of Ascoli Piceno, asks to rectify: Ascoli has won five times, not four only as reported above. Right, Fabio; I apologize. These are the five victories and the runners up:

    Gdansk spring 2007

    Jagodina spring 2008

    Wales United spring 2010

    Kocevje autumn 2010

    Wroclaw autumn 2011

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