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Bali 2013: Germany won the Senior Bowl

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German Senior Team (Elisabeth van Ettinger - NIB)The Ernesto D’Orsi Senior Bowl was won by Germany, 172-161 against USA2 in ninety-six deals. The champions: Michael Elinescu, Ulrich Kratz, Reiner Marsal, Bernhard Strater, Ulrich Wenning, Entscho Wladow. Non playing captain: Kareen R Schroeder; coach: Karin Wenning. USA2: Roger Bates, Garey Hayden, Marc Jacobus, Carolyn Lynch, Mike Passell, Eddie Wold. Non-playing captain: Donna Compton. Third place for Polonia, who beat France, title holder, by 130-80.

The Ernesto d’Orsi Senior Bowl was namely established in 2000, and the first edition was played in January of that year, but it formally was the 1999 championship. That editon was won by Polonia; after had to come four USA victories; it is again European since 2009, by England, France, and now Germany.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

[Picture is from Elisabeth van Ettinger’s album – NIB]

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