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Bali 2013: Finalists

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Bermuda Bowl (cup)Italy-Monaco is the final in Bermuda Bowl. In semi-final Italy beat Poland, Monaco beat USA1; in round robin they ended respectively second and third; the direct 16 board match, in round robin, was won by Italy 30-18. Italy: Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace, Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala, Giorgio Duboin, Antonio Sementa. Monaco: Pierre Zimmermann, Franck Multon, Thor Helness, Geir Helgemo, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes. Italy looks favourite.

In Venice Cup the final is England-USA2. They respectively beat China and The Netherlands in semi-final; in round robin placed fifth and eight; the direct match was won by England 27-20. England: Sally Brock, Fiona Brown, Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Nicola Smith, Susan Stockdale. USA2: Hjordis Eythorsdottir, Jill Levin, Jill Meyers, Janice Seamon-Molson, Jenny Wolpert, Migry Zur-Campanile. England is favourite

In Ernesto D’Orsi Senior Bowl the final is Germany-USA2. In semi-final they beat France and Poland; have placed second and third in round robin; the direct match was won by USA2 36-34. Germany: Michael Elinescu, Ulrich Kratz, Reiner Marsal, Bernhard Strater, Ulrich Wenning, Entscho Wladow. USA2: Roger Bates, Garey Hayden, Marc Jacobus, Carolyn Lynch, Mike Passell, Eddie Wold. In this match there are four women: Carolyn Lynch, of USA2, is the only playing woman in Bermuda and D’Orsi Seniors finals; Donna Compton is the American Captain; Kareen R. Schroeder and Karin Wenning are not-playing captain and coach of Germany. No forecast in this match.


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