Ascoli Piceno won 2014 Spring Intercity League

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Tonci RadeljaAscoli Piceno has won her fourth straight title of Intercity League (ICL). The Italian team won eight out of twenty-one editions played since when it was established, in 2004, by the late Tonci Radelja, a professor of mathematics of Split (ICL is played twice a year).

The final was against Szprotawa, a Polish town; Ascoli lost five imps in the very first hand, but soon took the lead and didn’t yield it until the end, despite the stubborn endurance of Poles.

Ascoli Piceno’s players: Three Danish, Steen Moller, Stig Werderlin and Mathias Bruun, and four Italians, Piero Tiffenau, Fabio Colasante, Mauro Fanesi and Paolo Enrico Garrisi, playing captain.

Szprotawa‘s (note that it was the first time in ICL for Szprotawa; a fine debut!): Janusz Łunis, Kazimierz Sługocki, Witold Miłoszewski, Andrzej Grygorczuk, Eugieniusz Szczepański and Piotr Brzeziński (playing captain).

The autumn edition of Intercity League, the 22nd, will start on Wednesday October 8th.


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