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Antonio Sementa: I’m not afraid

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Antonio Sementa (NewInBridge)41st World Bridge Teams Championships.  The well-known Dutch journalist Jan van Cleeff (NewInBridge) had an interview with the Italian star Antonio Sementa, a few hours before the final match of the Bermuda Bowl where Italian Blue Team will face Monaco.


Jan van Cleeff: So far the tournament has been going great for your team. I am curious about your opinion: Poland crushed the Netherlands in the last round and now you seem to be crushing Poland. How is this possible?

Antonio Sementa: It is very strange. It depends on the hands, but I do not why the Netherlands lost 100 IMPs to Poland.


JVC: Your team Italy seems to be the big favourite, you are doing very well, how do you feel? Who do you expect to play against, if you reach the final?

AS: I think we have to play against Monaco, because it is a stronger team than USA1, more experienced. But we do not know the result yet.


JVC: I have a delicate question: are you afraid of Monaco?

AS: No. I am not afraid of Claudio and Fulvio, they played in my team in Italy for many years. I am not afraid.


Jan van Cleeff  (NewInBridge)

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