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Agustin Madala: ruthless cheer for Italy (interview)

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Agustin, you are going to play your first Bermuda Bowl (40th Word Bridge Championships – Veldhoven 2011) under Italian Flag: How did you get?

After many years of work I had the opportunity to play in Italian national team with Norberto Bocchi. We started out as a pair in Ostend (2010 – European Bridge Championship) and we won playing very well. Now we are facing a tough test: to represent Italy at the 40th  World Championships. And we hope to do our best.


How do you and Norberto make for training?

First of all both of us are studying the system, to find solutions to all the difficult situations that could occur in the declaration. August has been devoted to holidays, but Norberto and I have tried to study the system. From early September we’ll play on BBO and then we will have many chances to play live: our first competition will be Italian Club Championship.


You have recently taken part in the 23th European Youth Team Championshi (2011 -Albena) with the Italian representative. Tell us your experience.

It has been very rewarding for me playing in a team where I was considered as  “the star”of the group. Among us there was a good friendship. Certainly we were not the strongest team and the second place was a great result. For me the experience was excellent: good performance and good relationship with my teammates.


Next week you will go to play the the 58th Brasilian Open Championship (Guarujà, San Pablo, Brazil from 3 to 10 September). How are your expectatives? Who will be your partner?

Thinking of Brazil anyone as the highest expectations to have fun. When you think of Brasil of course you think of capirinha, beach, sun … but I’ll play: with Diego Brenner, one of the strongest players in the world. I do not know very well my teammates but this will surely be a fantastic opportunity to make friends and have fun.


Finally, do you want to send a greeting?

Surely, I greet all the Italian fans, and I ask everyone to cheer ‘ruthlessly’ for Italy at the World Championships, for our part we will try to do our best.


Thank you, champion!


By Fernando Lema (2011, 28th August)

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