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Affaire Fantunes: Sbarigia answers readers questions ( second part)

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Silvio let’s continue. Some readers doubt about the authority and competence of the National Team Manager Maria Teresa Lavazza. I understand what you mean. Think about the role of the Team Manager: do it rebembering Carl’Alberto Perroux. He was not the top as a champion but he knew a lot about men. He was not among the best player,  he was the best of Team Managers.

In other words do you think Maria Teresa Lavazza is a reliable Team Manager?

What are you sayng? She has always won, how can you discuss it?

Let’s go back to the terrible defeat, that is the European Championship in 2008 when Italy lost the European title : do you think it will happen again?

I think I have just answered it: I explain again that the main trouble of the Federation is to find a capable couple in case the titled couple cannot play.

Some readers stress the conflict of interest in Maria Teresa Lavazza, who is both National Team Manager and Lavazza team sponsor.

If after winning the Europeans, Lavazza should continue the experiment damaging Fantoni   and Nunes, we might mention the charge of conflict of interest. Their fans are afraid that the Fantunes  might be excluded from the World Championships. I don’t think it will happen. This convocations are but an experiment. As I told you many times: the titled team must go to the World Championships. Differently I would be surprised and sorry.

Do you think the Italian Team Manager will make an official declaration on this subject?

This is something I cannot answer. I have already focussed the communicative problem.

That’s all for today. I’m glad to show the congratulation of almost all the readers for your interview.

It is important they congratulate with you.

Published  in english version the  long ‘first part’ of Sbarigia’s answers to readers about affaire Fantunes.  click here >>

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