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A Second Chance for Sylvia Shi

As it is known, BBO (Bridge Base Online) does not share the names of players who are suspended or the length of their suspension. However in his article on BIN on 26th October, Boye Brogeland revealed that BBO suspended Michal Nowosadzki and Sylvia Shi (recently disqualified due to cheating) for two and three months respectively.

Furthermore, OCBL and ALT (two of the main organisers of BBO tournaments) changed their entry requirements, allowing players who confessed to join their events.

Therefore, after the end of BBO’s suspension and according to the new OCBL and ALT’s rules, Nowosadzki and Shi (who both publicly confessed) can play on BBO and in OCBL and ALT’s tournaments.

For instance, Sylvia Shi played in an OCBL Open Pairs event on 24-25 October, with Janice Molson.


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