7th June 2015: Bridge on Running-Track at Ancona

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ancona 200The title of the happening, translation of Bridge in Pista, does not mean that bridgeplayers have to run around the table during the game, unless the partner got very angry, but just that the events: tourneys, a conference, a book exposition, a nice buffet with Marche’s wines, will take place at the indoor stadium of Ancona, called Palaindoor, in Via della Montagnola 74.

The organisation is by the Regional Bridge Committee of Marche.

Marche is a region in the east-centre of Italy before the Adriatic Sea; great people came from here, as Raffaello Sanzio, Gioachino Rossini, Maria Montessori, for example. One third of the country is made by mountains; two thirds are made by waved hills which yield world class oil and wine; and, eventually, there is a 120 mile long beach, from Gabicce to San Benedetto del Tronto.




When: 7 June 2015. 10.30 (conference); 15.00 – 20,30 (tourneys)

Where: Palaindoor of Ancona, via della Montagnola 74 (see below the map)

Who: Bridge player of every age and skill, from pupils to agonists

To make what: having fun together and playing pair bridge tourneys. The tourneys are organized by the ASD Ankon Bridge of Ancona

What can be gained: money, money, and special, special prizes.

Is there victuals? Yes, there is, and even good one, does grant Andrea, barman of Palaindoor Bar.

How much does all this cost? Fifteen euros per person: tourney and victuals.


Morning program, cared by ASD Ascoli Piceno – Circolo Cittadino:

10.30: Conference on bridge origins by Enrico Paolo Garrisi. Bridge book exposition

The talk will deal with birth and development of the whist in England from 1529, the date of the first indirect quotation, to 1881, when it was added to it a preliminary spoken extension to determine the contract. The story of whist will be framed in the story and the ethics of those times. The talk will be quite understandable even by people who don’t have any knowledge of the game.

The books are the ones that told something new in whist and bridge technique.

Edmund Hoyle, who first explained whist techniques and laws (1760). Henry Jones, called Cavendish, who first wrote of ethics (1862). Richard Proctor, with the true story of the Duke of Cumberland’s hand, later made famous by the spy story writer Ian Fleming, James Bond’s father (1879). Florence Irwin, forerunner of aggressive bidding already in the auction bridge times (1911). Bryant Mc Campbell, who invented the takeout double (1915). Robert F. Foster, who introduced the forcing one over one response (1920). Harold S. Vanderbilt, inventor of strong club and of the same contract bridge (1929). Ely and Josephine Culbertson, who gathered the best ideas of their time making the first organized system (1929). Paul Stern, captain of the legendary Austrian Team which won the world title, who dared to insult Hitler because the racial laws (1937; but afterward had to fling off Austria). Alvin Roth, who introduced back the Five Card Major opening and invented the Sputnik double (1953; 1957). Giorgio Belladonna and his Roman Club; Edgar Kaplan and Alan Sheinwold, the first system with a 2o1 game forcing embryo (1958).

And (1956-1966), Eugenio Chiaradia, who took the Culbertsons’, Vanderbilt’s and Stern’s system and knitted them together with the thread of the Italian fantasy and genius to obtain the Neapolitan Club.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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