6th European OPEN Bridge Championships – Ostend 2013

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2013LogoOostendeThe 6th European Open Bridge Championships will be held at Kursaal Oostende (Sea Promenade) in Ostend (Belgium) 15th June – 29th June 2013. The event is organised by the European Bridge League In cooperation with the Royal Belgian Bridge Federation. The Championships comprise the following competitions: Mixed Pairs, Mixed Teams, Open Women’s and Seniors’ Teams, Open Women’s and Seniors’ Pairs.

Bridge players from all WBF zones are entitled to participate in the Championships provided they are members in good standing of a National Bridge Federation (NBO). To be eligible for participation in the 2013 European Open Championships a player must comply with the EBL Rules & Regulations and the EBL Eligibility Code under the control of the EBL Credentials Committee.

All events will be TRANSNATIONAL and there will be no restrictions on the number of entries allowed per NBO.

All entries to the various competitions must be submitted electronically by 31st May 2013 via the EBL Website.

European Bridge League Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded. The winners in each category (Mixed, Open, Women, Seniors) will receive the title of European Open Champions. EBL medals will not be awarded for outside events. EBL Master Points will also be awarded.


December 5, 2012

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Video’s and Pictures by NewInBridge >>


6th European OPEN Bridge Championships – Ostend 2013: Early outcomes >>


Gunev & Popova won the Mixed Pairs >>


A few words about the side events >>


NedAut wins the Mixed Teams >>


Open Women Seniors Teams Final Stages >>


Women and Seniors winners >>


Mazurkiewicz  wins Open Teams >>


Pairs Events >>



The EBL will accept entries also for the medal events up until shortly before they start. The old deadline of May 31 has been removed.


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