4th World Open Championships: Golden Girls

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opatija 2015The 4th World Open Championships were held in Opatija, Croatia from August 20th 29th August 2015. The Italian juniores won 7 medals.

4 medals in the pairs event: Silver and Bronze in the girls series with Michela Salvato – Giulia Scriattoli and Susanna Broccolino- Enrica Raffa; Silver in the juniors series with Giuseppe Delle Cave palying with the argentinian Rodrigo Garcia Da Rosa; Bronze in the youngsters with Sebastiano Scatà-Andrea Manganella.

3 Gold medals in the Teams events: Gold in the Ko teams thanks to Giuseppe Delle Cave playing in a trasnational team Zlatan, Gold in the BAM with Italy Junior with Alessandro Gandoglia, Giovanni Donati, Margherita Chavarria, Giacomo Percario, Gianluca Bergami, Alessandro Calmanovici and third gold in the girls series with Michela Salvato, Giulia Scriattoli, Agnese Di Mauro, Flaminia Tanini, Susanna Broccolino, Caterina De Lutio.

Let’s meet the Italian Girls who after reaching quite easily the qualification in second place in the Swiss along with three Chinese teams (the first 4 teams for KOs)  have faced the team RDFZ CHINA GIRLS in the semifinals: below of 38 imps in the first segment, the Italians caught up in the second and then they took off in the third, winning overall by 25 imps. The final, played against SX XHLD, was better managed winning measurement in the first round, cashing more imps in the second set and consolidating the advantage in the third segment to get on the top step of the podium.

Giulia Scriattoli

giulia scriattoliHow much are you satisfied? Which medal made you happier: the European bronze in Tromso or this gold in the transnational? Very satisfied, and in both cases a huge thrill! Singing the  Italian anthem was fantastic, but the Europeans in Tromso was my first championship and I will never forget the joy after the last round!

If you could pick one player to play with, who would you choose? Giuseppe Delle Cave (her boyfriend and winner of the KO teams, Note of the Editor)? Lorenzo Lauria. Convincing Giuseppe to play is a little hard!

During the past years have you have took part in girls training, this year you have been convened in the national team winning total of 3 medals, in your opinion how much have been these meeting usefull for you? Very much! 3 or 4 days of full immersion, several times during the year were definitely useful, both from the bridge point of view and regarding the spirit of group. I really learned a lot this year, and I also had the opportunity to study a more precise system with my partner. Thanks to Emanuela Capriata (girls coach), Valerio Giubilo (juniors coach) and Dario Attanasio (youngsters coach)!

How much does getting along matter in a team? I think that playing knowing that in the other room there are some friends supporting you (and also suffering) is one of the most important thing. I had a great time with both teams!

Who do you dedicate this victory? I’ve learned (and I’m learning) playing bridge thanks to my dad, he is, most of all, who gave me that passion! I  must thanks very much Emanuela, she was really patient and has given me the chance to feel so happy! I dedicate the victory to mom and dad  who introduced me to the  most beautiful game in the world!


Michela Salvato 

michela salvatoYou’re the only one of the “old” girls team, how does it affect you playing in a completely new team? I was very happy to share with these girls the experiences I have accumulated over the past years, they are all very motivated and I’m sure they have a great future.

You won two world bronze medals, two european bronzes and  this golden during the trasnational, which did you enjoy the most and why? Get on the top step of the podium is always a big emotion. Singing the national anthem with your team and the entire itlian representative was an unforgettable moment.

Did you expect to win the gold medal? Which was the most difficult moment during the championship? The most difficult moment was in the first segment of the semi-final we were losing by 40 imps, I was afraid that we would not have made it. I’ve never too many expectations before a championship, I’m very superstitious. During the  pairs championship I try to have an idea about my opponents and I must say that I have always considered my team stronger than the others.

Some people think that these medals, although world medals, have a smaller value because of the quality and quantity of participating teams (1 Chilean and 5 Chinese  and 1 Italian) do you agree? I played in the past two world girls championships which take place in the even years, actually there is much difference both qualitative and quantitative. All the European teams missed this event. But this fact can not fall back on the victory of the participants, although the event was by far not very competitive.


Susanna Broccolino 

susanna broccolinoHow long have you been playing bridge and how did you start? I started playing because my whole family plays bridge and I was kept out of  the conversations at dinner! When I heard that Steve hamaoui was organizing a course for beginners I decided to try.

What do you like the most in bridge? I like the fact that luck, unlike other card games, counts for a  little and also I have a chance to challenge myself at every board.

If you have some bridge doubts who do you ask to? who is your favorite champion? Aldo Gerli (who I have the luck to play with when I’m in Padova), my brother who I play with in Milan and certainly Steve Hamaoui.

Does the comparison with the past generation of girls affect you? And how? The past generation has had many successes and certainly you feel a little ‘compared, but it encourages us to do our best.

What’s your sensation about the win at your first international event? What was the most difficult moment of the championship? When did you realize that you could have won  the gold? It was exciting, especially when we heard the anthem. I was so excited that I almost forgot the words! Before leaving I would not have absolutely expected. The most difficult moment was during the semi-finals after the first round we were losing by 38 imps and I was afraid not to qualify for the final. I felt very responsible for not having played as my best. During the last segment of the final I realized that we could really have won!


Caterina De Lutio

caterina de lutioHow long have you been playing bridge and how did you start? I started in 2011 thanks to my mother, she is a bridge player so she convinced me to try it and I dedicated the victory to her.

If you have some bridge doubts who do you ask to? Steve Hamaoui and Emanuela Capriata (Italian coach)

If you could choose a partner for a mixed tournament who would you choose? Lorenzo Lauria.

You played much more in Croatia than in Norway. Which medal gave you more satisfaction, the European bronze in Tromso or this gold transnational and why? Which medal you expect more? It is very hard to choose, perhaps the European bronze in Tromso. The opponents were very toughest and the level was higher than Opatija. I do not know what I expected more, certainly I thought that in Croatia the only real goal was gold because it was completely within our reach.

Do you think that the absence of European teams diminishes somewhat this gold? Definitely no..a gold is always a gold!


Agnese Di Mauro

agnese  di mauroWhen and how did you start to play bridge? I started playing in 2012 when I was informed that there was a course of bridge in my school.

Who is the player who the most inspires you and why? I do not have a person that inspires me more..I learn from everyone!

Who is your partner and how much is personal relationship important for the partnership? My partner Flaminia Tanini. It matters a lot!

You won the gold medal at your first international event, a trasnational with 3 countries participating, do you feel satisfied? I feel more or less happy, I could certainly make more.  

What was the most difficult moment of the championship? Did you expect the gold? When did you realize you had made? The most difficult moment was when playing the first round of the finals for the first time in vugraph. I did not expect to win! I realized it was made when they were applauding for us.

Who do you dedicate your victory to? I dedicate my victory to those who believed in me, especially to my family!


Flaminia Tanini

flaminia taniniHow long have you been playing bridge and how did you start? I started about a year ago, my father and my grandfather forced me by threatening not to pay me the gym anymore! Then I fell in love with the game! I dedicate this victory to them

Who is your partner, and what is the strength of your partnership? Which system do you and your partner play? My partner is Agnese Di Mauro. We get along and we became great friends. This is definitely our strength. We play V major and 1club 2+, and many agreements that Emanuela Capriata taugh us.

How much is getting along important in a girls team? I think it’s important, especially for girls. Knowing you can count on your teammates support allows you to play with more serenity and lucidity.

At your debut you have won a gold at the transnational championship, what do you think both skill and luck have counted in your victory? I certainly do not expect to win a gold at my first international experience. Luck counts for little in this game and my teammates have been great. I could not be happier.

The most difficult moment during the championship? When did you realize you have made it? The most difficult moment was surely the first set after the of the semifinals. We were all getting made. I did not realize anything until it has happened. And even after the end it took me a while before knowing it was really happening. It was awesome.

Do you feel the comparison with the previous generation of girls? Between me and the “old” girls there is no comparison, they are much more experienced and I really admire them. I hope to be as good as any of them sooner or later.



Federica Buttò

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