26th Biarrtiz Bridge Festival: Debora Campagnano wins bronze

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26th Biarritz Bridge Festival (France) – Mixed Pairs. Italian champion Debora Campagnano paired with David Domenech (59,73) wins bronze in Biarrtiz: first place for  Anne DE  ROLL MONTPELLIER  – LASSERRE Guy (60.75);  second place for Marina MEDIERO Hernandez – Luis  PINEDO Lantaron ( 59.85).

Deborah and David’s partnership goes well beyond the green table: the couple has been married since 2008 and lives in Nice.

The Festival of Biarritz in recent years has become one of the most famous in France thanks to its rich program and the participation of international top playes as  Italian champions Giorgio Duboin, Antonio Sementa, Guido Sementa, Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala  and Alfredo Versace  paired here with Giuseppe Lavazza, Maria Teresa’s son.

Expected for this year’s Open Pairs Tournament also Zia Mahmood and  Paul Chemla.

This edition takes place July 1 to 13 in the luxurious home of the Congress Centre of Biarritz “The Bellevue”.

Information and results on the official website>> 



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