26th Biarritz Bridge Festival – Open Pairs: Bocchi and Sementa on podium

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26th International Bridge Festival in Biarritz – From Friday, July 1 2011 to Wednesday, July 13 2011. Second place for Italian pair Norberto Bocchi – Toni Sementa (63.98%). The winners are  Philippe POIZAT and  Guy  LASSERRE, (64.19%). Third place to Oscar NETTL and  Maarten SCHOLLAARDT (60.42%). Seventh is the  pair Zia Mahmood – Paul Chemla.

Other Italian pairs:  31th place for Emanuela Calandra and Guido Ferraro, 34th place for Giuseppe Lavazza and Alfredo Versace, 44th place for Maria Teresa Lavazza and Giorgio Duboin.

Norberto Bocchi won the title four times in Biarritz Open Pairs: in 1995 and 2003 with Giorgio Duboin, in 1990 with Alfredo Versace and in 1989 with Giagio Rinaldi; Toni Sementa reached first place for two consecutive times: in 2007 and 2008 paired with George Duboin.


 In the photo Norberto Bocchi and Toni Sementa in Biarritz,  from the personal Album of Perla Sultan, whom we thank for permission.

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