2017 Kansas City Spring NABC

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The 2017 Spring North American Bridge Championships (NABC)  will take place in Kansas City from March 9-19.

The main tournament is the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams. The Vanderbilt Trophy was born by a donation of Harold Stirling Vanderbilt (1884-1970); it was played in New York until 1958, then became the main team event of the spring National American Bridge Championship (NABC). Vanderbilt – the man – was the reformer who established in 1925 the new scoring for Contract Bridge; the old format punished too sternly the failing of the contract and rewarded too little the game and the slam, so discouraging the tries and the competition over level three. The new format was definitively accepted by the ruling bodies, mainly the New York Whist Club, in late 1927, and the first Vanderbilt Cup Championship, played in the fall 1928, was the first great event of the new age.



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