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2017 Camrose: The Republic of Ireland won the Trophy

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The Republic of Ireland won the seventh Camrose Trophy in her bridge story. The tourney was established in 1937 to be contested yearly between the British Isles’ Countries: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland. In the last years it was added another team to avoid the bye. The tourney is played in two week-ends in February and March; the country which guests in the second-week end has the right to add the sixth team; this year was Scotland, then the Scottish Bridge Union’s Team (SBU). This was the standing after the first week-end:


76.52 Republic of Ireland.

73.80 England

53.34 Wales

41.12 SBU

32.95 Northern Ireland

20.27 Scotland


And this was the final standing:


142.92 Republic of Ireland. NPC Grainne Barton. Tom Hanlon, Hugh McGann, Tommy Garvey, John Carroll, Mark Moran, Rory Boland.


129.17 England. NPC David Burn. Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Martin Jones, Neil Rosen, Jeffrey Allerton, Chris Jagger.


112.11 Wales. NPC Alan Stephenson. Tim Rees, Gary Jones, Adrian Thomas, Paul Denning, Paul Lamford, Richard Placket


99.08 SBU. NPC Anne Symons. John Matheson, Iain Sime, Samantha Punch, Stephen Peterkin, Alan Goodman, Brian Short.


64.51 Northern Ireland. NPC John Ferguson. Rex Anderson, David Greenwood, Ciara Burns, John Murchan, Greer Mackenzie, Hastings Campbell.


50.21 Scotland. NPC Malcolm Cuthbertson. Mike Ash, Arend Bayer, Sandy Duncan, Jim Hay, Alex Adamson, Mike McGinley.



Paolo Enrico Garrisi


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