2016 Women’s United States Bridge Championship: Starting today

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usbf logo 2There are five teams playing on 2016 Women’s USBF starting today 30th May. The winner will play the 2016 Women World Bridge Games (formerly Olympic Games), which will be held at Wroclaw, in Poland, from 3rd to 17th September. The Open USBF was won by Diamond three weeks ago. The event will take place at the Doubletree Hotel, Sacramento CA.

These are the five teams (in order of seeding points).


Baker: Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum, Kerri Sanborn, Irina Levitina, JoAnna Stansby, Pam Granovetter. NPC Cenk Tunkok


Wittes: Pamela Wittes, Ljudmila Kamenova, Cheri Bjerkan, Linda Lewis, Hjordis Eythorsdottir


Palmer: Beth palmer, Cpt; Silvia Shi, Lynn Deas, Juanita Chambers, Tobi Sokolov, Janice Seamon-Molson


Weingold: Joanne Weingold, Shannon Cappelletti, Jill Meyers, Jan Assini, Kathleen Sulgrove, Debbie Rosenberg


Osmo: Mary Ose, Capt; Teri Smoot, Ginny Curtis, Katherine Ewing, Joanne Merry, Prudence Saunders.


By previous results of the team and players, Baker got the number one and the bye to semifinal. The other four will play sixty board quarterfinals: Wittes vs Osmo and Palmer vs Weingold. The winners will play semifinals; the losers of these matches will play each other and the winner will play semifinal against Baker (the n°1). Semifinals and final will be on 120 boards.


Official site: http://usbf.org/2016-wusbc


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