2014 Slava Memorial Cup

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Slava 2014The 2014 Slava Memorial Cup will be held at the Danilovskaya Hotel in Moscow (Russia) from 21-23 February, 2014. The event comprises two competitions: the Team tournament (Top 8) and the Pair tournament (Top 36). The team tournament will consist of 8 teams which will be personally invited by the Organizing Committee. The pair tournament will consist of 36 pairs, of which no more than 1/3 will be admitted by invitation of the Organizing Committee.  The number of participants in the pair tournament could be increased by special decision of the Organizing Committee.

The Slava Cup is one of the greatest European bridge tournaments. The e event is in memory of  Slava Grinuk (1970-1999). Three years ago Vladimir Ivanov told Neapolitan Club the story:

“He was an ordinary bridge player from Moscow. He died young of cancer, and his friends, who were not bridge players, decided that the best thing they could do to commemorate him was to establish an annual tournament bearing his name. They were rather wealthy so they sponsored the event. It started as a small Russian tournament, but in a few years became am international event. Now it is the most prestigious tournament held in Russia. The touching part of the story that those guys are still sponsoring it despite the fact that they don’t know the first thing about bridge”.

This are the Top 8:

1. Bulgaria: Victor Aronov, Jerry Stamatov. Vladimir Mikhov, Diyan Danailov

2.  Monaco – Zimmermann: Pierre Zimmermann, Franck Multon, Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness, Claudio Nunes, Fulvio Fantoni

3. Israel: Alon Birman, Dror Padon, Lotan Fischer, Ron Schwartz, Ilan and Ophir Herbst

4. Arlovich: Andrey Arlovic, Erikas Vainikonis, Ivan Semeno, Vitold Silva, Krzysztof Buras, Grzegorz Narkiewicz.

 5. Gromov: Andrey Gromov, Alexander Budinin, (Agustin Madala), Alejandro Bianchedi, Evgueni Gladysh, Mikhail Krasnosselski.

 6. Zaleski: Romain Zaleski, Philippe Cronier, Andrea Manno, Massimo Lanzarotti

 7. Auken: Sabin Auken, Roy Welland, Juan Carlos Ventin, Mustafa Cem Tokay

 8. Netherlands: Herman Drenlelfords, Sjoert Brink, Berend van de Bos, Sebastiaan Drijver, Jiris van Lankveld

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