2014 Schapiro Spring Foursomes: The Lavazza’s Debut

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Norberto & Zia

The Team Lavazza, the first Italian in Schapiro Spring Foursome since its setting in 1962, has taken the lead in her triangle against two valiant Scottish teams: Smith (Liz McGowan, Roy Bennett, David Liggat, Harry Smith), and Barnes (David Barnes, Nigel Guthrie, Barry Wennell, Beth Wennelland).

In head-to-head matches all is still so far; the lower seeding team always defeated the weaker one.

For the readers who missed the preceding articles, the triangles (three team groups) needed to rectify the number of teams to a power of two, that is sixteen at Round 3.

The picture has been taken yesterday at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Stratford-upon-Apon where the Shapiro Spring Fours is underway. Norberto Bocchi and Zia Mahmood will be soon teammates:  Starting with 2014 Spingold (Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa) the Italian team Lavazza will enter the US Nationals and for these competitions Zia will join the Italian team. The contract will last two years for six events: Zia Mahmood will play in Lavazza Team the next six NABCs (2014- 2015 Spingold, Reisinger, Vanderbilt).


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