2014 Schapiro Spring Foursomes: Round Three

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Bocchi - Helness

After the two victories in her triangle, Lavazza is now facing Kendrik in Round 3rd: Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty, David Kendrick and Norman Selway. Kendrik’s victim in Round 2nd was Mossop, the team of Justin and Jason Hackett, the Manchester’s twins. There have been not surprises, so far; all the “great” teams are still running, and fifteen out of the best sixteen are undefeated, but from this round the matches become tougher.

The number two Allfrey (Alexander Allfrey, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Andrew Robson), is playing against Kent, which is lining up his strong Bulgarians (Rosen Gunev, Alistair Kent, Ivan Nanev, Stefan Skorchev).

The number three Sinclair (Sabine Auken, Zia Mahmood, Andrew McIntosh, Marion Michielsen, Anita Sinclair, Roy Welland), is playing against Seale (Chris Jagger, Ian Pagan, Catherine Seale, Jerry Stamatov).

The team 4th was Liggins, but having lost his triangle has slipped into the Once Defeated Pool. To remember: there are still thirty-two teams in Schapiro Spring Foursomes; sixteen are undefeated, sixteen are once defeated. The twice defeated, in Round 1st and 2nd of the head-to-head matches, are out but can play the PunchBowl, a subsidiary tourney (see the presentation article: Hearth and Feeling). The teams which have lost the triangle are formally “once defeated” even if they lost twice; Liggins only lost again Waterlow. From this round any defeat ceases to be “formal”.

The other five matches of the undefeated pool are the following:

Waterlow vs Moran; De Bottom vs Erichsen; Hauge vs Rosen; Hinden vs Patterson; Gillis vs Hackett (namely Paul Hackett).

The photo has been taken this afternoon after the round 2nd : Thor Helness, here with Norberto Bocchi, is playing in Rune Hauge’s Team.


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