2014 Opatija European Championships: Every cloud has a silver lining

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52 european bridge team championship - logoLast Tuesday a curious accident occurred between the second and the third match round at the Opatija EC. Half an hour before the third match started, some players received the handrecords of the next (third) match.

This incredible error was quickly discovered and all 1344 boards were timely re-duplicated.

There was no real damage for the players and the tournament went on regularly.

Still it took six extra hours to prepare new boards and therefore the duplication team made extra money for its effort. Every cloud has a silver lining.


Jan van Cleeff from Opatija for Neapolitan Club & NewInBridge

* Update *

The chief of the duplication team informed us that she was happy to help the organization doing extra hours and did not charge for that.

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