2014 Opatija EC: Turkish Trials

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logo_ufakThe trials for the selection of the Open, Women and Seniors national teams, which will represent Turkey at the European Championships to be held in Opatija, Croatia between June 21st – July 2nd, have been held in İstanbul between January 18th – 26th 2014.

As the result of the trials, which consisted of a an elimination and a final stage and which have been held in the form of an imp pairs tournament, the national teams have been formed as follows:

Turkish Trials - Teams


I’d like to give a hand played by the pair Kolata – Kandemir, who completed the trials as the winner with a great difference with the runner up.

turkish trials hand 1

Kolata, who won the 7♣ lead from the hand, played his singleton spade, and after winning in dummy with J, continued with the Q♠. West returned a club, which is won with the ace in the dummy, and declarer played the K♠ and then the K When west ducked this, Kolata played two rounds of clubs. When west discarded a heart, he played the Q from the hand and 9 tricks set up when J appared. Even if west discarded a diamond instead of a heart, the position would not have changed and west would have been endplayed when winning a heart, to lead away from his ace of diamonds.



Tayfun Özbey Tayfun Özbey









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