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2014 Montegrotto International Bridge Festival

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2014 Montegrotto BFThe 2014 Montegrotto International Bridge Festival will take place at the Esplanade Tergesteo Hotel in Montegrotto Terme (Padova, Italy) from 17 till 23 March. Montegrotto Terme is a thermal spring place known since the Roman era; most hotels have their own thermal swimming pool with curative muds and beauty farm. Montegrotto is in Veneto, fourteen km south-west of Padua, the town in which university Galileo Galilei taught mathematics and astronomy for eighteen years. In Padua’s University Galileo improved the telescope invented few years before by Dutch, and discovered in 1610 the today called Galilean Moons of Jupiter (later named Europa, Callisto, Io, Ganimede by the German Simon Mayr).

The Festival will start on Monday evening with a simultaneous; on Tuesday evening there will be the “One hundred in Two” (18th-19th March), a pair tourney where the player ages’ sum must be one hundred of years or over. It will follow the Mixed or Women Pairs (19th-20th), and the Open Pairs (20th-21th). All these three tourneys are national events.

From March 21th  evening to 23rd early afternoon will take place the International Team, a tourney which usually gathers little less of one hundred teams.

Full board special prices are made by the three hotels, Tergesteo (the venue), Augustus and Petrarca.

To get Montegrotto:

By car: A13 highway (Bologna-Padova). Junction “Terme Euganee”.

By train: Line Bologna-Venezia; train stop at Abano Terme-Montegrotto

Further information: Mr Lino Bonelli, 0039 – 3494308556



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