2014 Italian Open Trials: First Outcomes

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Francesco AngeliniThe first stage of the Italian Open Trials has been completed. The top 4 teams will move to the second stage of Open Trials (Semifinals – Final): Angelini, Cesati, Buscaglia and Gerli.

In the semifinals Angelini will face Buscaglia and Cesati will face Gerli.

Italian Open Team Semifinals Teams Roster:

ANGELINI BRIDGE TEAM: Francesco Angelini, Leonardo Cima, Valerio Giubilo, Lorenzo Lauria, Antonio Sementa, Alfredo Versace, Lino Bove (NPC)

CESATI – A.B.A./T.C.A. MILANO: Alberto Cesati, Franco Baroni, Giampiero Bettinetti, Michele Ferrara, Leonardo Marino, Giuseppe Massaroli.

 BUSCAGLIA – C.LO BRIDGE NOVARA: Marco Buscaglia, Ruggiero Gargano, Enrico Penna, Alessandro Turco.

 GERLI – PADOVA BRIDGE: Aldo Giovanni Gerli, Matteo Baldi, Nicola Del Buono, Francesco Murgia,  Pierfrancesco Parolaro, Gianni Patelli.

The winning team will represent Italy in the forthcoming European Championships in Opatija, Croatia, June 21-July 2, 2014 (qualifying round of the next Bermuda Bowl).  The runner-up will represent Italy in the 2014 Rosenblum in World Bridge Series (Sanya, China, October 10-26, 2014).

The first stage of the Italian Open Trials was held in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma) from 31st of January – 2nd of February 2014 . The second stage will be held from 13-16 of February in the same venue.

Duboin and Lavazza on BTCCMaria Teresa Lavazza, Italian Open Team Captain for the past 13 years and one of the greatest Italian sponsor,  did not take part in Italian Open Trials: That’s why three out of the 2013 Bali’s Bermuda Bowl winners – Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala and Giorgio Duboin-  did not play in Trials.

Some time ago, Mrs Lavazza explained her view during a video-interview realized by BTCChannel, the Web Tv produced by NewInBridge and Neapolitan Club:

“One of the reasons why I resigned is Italian Federation’s forthcoming policy. […] They stated in their programmes that trials will be run, and there will be no place for a selector. I have always been against trials, because I think that in Italy trials cannot select the best team. This is the reason why I am against trials and I will always be.”  (Full interview >>)





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