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2013 US Trials to Venice Cup: USA1 Final

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usbfLynn Baker and Barbara Sonsini‘s Teams will play the USA1 final. These were the results of semi-finals, played in four sixteen board stanzas:

Baker – Sprung               118-105 (+28, -25, -24, +34)

Sonsini – Westheimer     120-50 (+18, -6, +58, WD)

The winner of the final will be USA1 at the Venice Cup of Bali, Indonesia. The losers, however, aren’t definitively out because these trials have been arranged by double elimination format. In brief:

Westheimer and Sprung, that is the USA1 semi-finalists losers, will play a 120 board match; thereinafter the matches will be by 120 boards. The loser goes out because twice defeated; the winner will play the USA2 final against the loser of the USA1.

In this situation it can be better read the resign of Westheimer; being -70 with only sixteen boards to play, they decided not to try to rescue a somehow hopeless situation but saved energies for the next four days, with 240 boards to play.

The schedule is now as follows:

Today and Tuesday: 120 board USA1 final Baker vs Sonsini and USA2 semi-final Sprung vs Westheimer.

Wednesday and Thursday: USA2 final between the loser of USA1 final and the winner of USA2 semi-final.

Thursday evening: toasts and hugs between winners and losers; as reported by vugraphers, at the table the players are behaving kindly and friendly towards opponents.

Running scores: click here >>


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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