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2013 Slava Cup: Monaco won the Top 8, Israel the top 36

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Henry Fissore (Monaco)Monaco won the team tournament (Top 8) of Slava Cup  held  from 22 to 24 of February at the Danilovskaya Hotel in Moscow. Real, Monaco, White Bears and Israel were the four leading teams that got the semi-finals. Real choose to play against Israel also because his 19.5 IMP carry-over (the match in the semi-final had finished +39). Monaco then had to face White Bears, the Dutch-Russian team against whom they had lost 13-17, so starting from -3 carry-over. Monaco have got the final by +18 in thirty hands, whereas Israel won over Real by a very wide margin.

The final between Monaco (Franck Multon, Fulvio Fantoni, Geir Helgemo, Henri Fissore, Claudio Nunes), and Israel (Alon Birman, Dror Padon, Ilan Herbst, Lotan Fisher, Ophir Herbst, Ron Schwartz), has been tied until the board 30 out of 32, when a game contract has been called by Israel in the unlucky denomination, causing a decisive -11, for a total of +19 to Monaco (8 at table, 11 by carry-over). 

Real  has easily won the third place match against White Bears, by 52.

The Butler has been won by Bocchi-Madala (Real Team).

The  Pair Top 36 winners  from Israel as well: Eldad Ginossar and Ron Pachtman, followed by Tatyana Ponomareva and Aleksandr Garkaviy; third are Vladimir Rekunov and Dmitriy Rogov; fourth Yuriy Khohlov and Evgeniy Rudakov, all from Russia. Fifth Igor Radjukevich and Oleg Timohovich (Belarus).


February 24, 2013

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