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2013 Italian Mixed Team Championship

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Salsomaggiore Terme2013 Italian Mixed Team Championship. May 30th-June 2nd  – One hundred and thirty teams are arriving in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma), in order to play the Italian Mixed Team Championship which will take place at Palazzo dei Congressi, as usual. By rule, the women will sit south and east, the men west and north.

There are three Series: Eccellenza, A, and B. In the Eccellenza (Excellency) Serie, ten teams will struggle each other in one round robin of nine 16-board matches; the winner will become 2013 Champion; the last three placed teams will fall back in Serie A for the 2014 edition.

The Serie A is made by thirty teams; they will be divided in three groups each by ten teams and will play with the same format – and the same hands – of the Eccellenza. The winners of each group will get the right to play in Eccellenza the 2014 edition. The last three teams will fall back in Serie B for 2014.

In Serie B there are ninety teams divided in nine group. The hands and the rules of playing and going forward or falling backward are the same written above, just the lower Serie, called Promozione (Promotion), is a local event which has to be won again to come back to Salsomaggiore.

According to the art. 22 of the law (Regolamento Organico), as recently modified, each team can deploy two foreigner players, not necessarily dwelling in Italy.

The following are the ten Eccellenza’s teams, named as captain or sponsor’s name, the bridge club and the region they belong to:

Biagiotti, Roma Top Bridge. Lazio

Failla, Bridge Catania. Sicilia

Fornaciari, Il Circolo di Bologna. Emilia Romagna

Guariglia, Due Fiori Bridge. Campania

Hugony, ASD Canottieri Olona. Lombardia

Iacono, Bridge Villa Fabbriche. Toscana

Lavazza, Associato Allegra. Piemonte

Maggio, Nuovo Bridge Insieme, Lazio

Nardullo, Top One. Piemonte

Zenari, Circolo del Bridge, Trieste. Friuli

There are two reasons to follow what is happening in Salso: first, all the strongest Italian players will be there. Second, on Friday there will be a meeting between the heads of the Federation and our strongest champions; in this meeting the national open team for Bali will be decided.

Lorenzo Lauria has cleared his mind and has confirmed that he would like to play, so there are no problems for Angelini’s pair (Lauria-Versace), however things do not look so promising for the Lavazza’s boys. Like all fan, we hope that the meeting will have a nice outcome and that it will confirm that in Bali we will see the strongest line-up: Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace, Norberto Bocchi, Agustin Madala, Antonio Sementa, Giorgio Duboin.


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Paolo Enrico Garrisi


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