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2013 Bali: The USA Trials to Venice Cup

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usbf2013 Bali World Championships. The USA Trials to Venice Cup. The Women Trials to Venice Cup, organized by the United States Bridge Federation (USBF), will take place from Friday 12th July to Thursday 18th at Buena Vista Palace Hotel in Orlando (Fl).

There are six teams registered; few, it must be said, but it mightn’t be necessarily an evil. When it comes to women bridge events – or to any women mind sport – there are two contrasting desiderata: the first is that they should be more, thus allowing more people to play at high level. The second is that them – the women mind games – should be utterly abolished; there are not reasons for isolate women, as the human sexual dimorphism doesn’t affect the brain, or, at least, nobody yet could afford to demonstrated that women were more intelligent than men.

The six team will play a double round robin by five matches of eleven hands; each 11 hand match will have its own result in the new IMP scale (that one with decimals we already depicted).

The best four teams will play semi-finals by sixty-four hands; the winners will play the final in 120 boards. The winner of the final will go to Indonesia as USA1.

The losers of USA1 semi-finals will play each other; the winner will play against the USA1 final loser; the winner of this match will be USA2.

Here the registered teams, according to partnerships and to the number randomly assigned by the USBF:

1) Sprung: JoAnn Sprung, cpt; Stasha Cohen, Cheri Bjerkan, Rozanne Pollack, Shawn Quinn, Mildred Breed

2) Baker: Lyn Baker, cpt; Karen McCallum, Cindy Bernstein, Sally Wheeler, Pam Granovetter, JoAnna Stansby

3) Moss: Sylvia Moss, cpt; Joann Glasson, Jill Meyers, Janice Seamon-Molson, Tobi Sokolov, Migry Zur Campanile

4) Westheimer: Valerie Westheimer, cpt; Hjordis Eythorsdottir, Jill Levin, Jenny Wolpert

5) Mandala: Cheryl Mandala, cpt; Melody Bi, Jenni Charmichael, Pamela Miller

6) Sonsini: Barbara Sonsini, cpt; Judi Radin, Beth Palmer, Lynn Deas, Kerri Sanborn, Irina Levitina


More info and results at USBF site: click here >>


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