2012 Spring InterCity League: Round of 16

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The Round Robin stage of 2012 Spring InterCity League (ICL), XVII edition, has ended qualifying sixteen teams to the knock-out stage. Four each group. In Group 1 the winner is the Wales United Team. In second position comes in the five time ICL winner Ascoli Piceno, defeated from Wales United by 38 in sixteen boards. The others from Group 1 are Konstanz and Edinburgh. In Group 2 Praha wins by the amazing average of 3.3 IMP each board. Ljubljana, Zuzemberk and Wroclaw are the others. Wroclaw was runner up in the preceding edition, defeated by Ascoli Piceno.

Nis, Manchester, Cardiff and Niksic are the teams qualified from Group 3; Pärnu, Egedal, Cloonboo and Split are the teams from Group 4.

The roster of the Round of 16, to be played on May 2, at 20:45 CET (London Time +1), is as follows:

Wales United (pjs_ch) v  Split (cobRAD)
Ljubljana (Lakotnik) v  Cardiff (Coch Draig)
Pärnu (kastan88) v Nikšić (Vesna567)
Manchester (yo_yo) v  Konstanz (uschiwho)
Niš (vlajce)  v Wroclaw (rawol)
Egedal (nielsfoged) v Žužemberk (Tolja)
Praha (medlin)   v Edinburgh (paulg)
Ascoli Piceno (turbin) v Cloonboo (willemm)

The names in brackets are of the team’s captains. Probably the most tie matches are Manchester-Konstanz and Praha-Edinburg, however in a 24 board match every result is possible.


May 1th, 2012

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