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2012 Seniores: France gets the European Champioship in Dublin

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Neapolitan Club congratulates the French Team upon the victory. These are the champions: Patrick Grenthe, Guy Lasserre, Francois Leenhardt, Patrice Piganeau, Philippe Poizat, Philippe Vanhoutte, Philippe Cronier (non playing captain). The second place went to Poland: Julian Klukowski Apolinary Kowalski, Victor Markowicz, Jacek Romanski, Jerzy Russyan, Wlodzimierz Wala (non playing captain), Wojtek Siwiec (coach). Third come Scotland, a great performance. It has been unveiled that the Scottish players had often to calm down the excitement of their happy and enthusiastic non playing captain.

The Scotland’s champions: Willie Coyle, Derek Diamond, John Matheson, John Murdoch, Victor Silverstone, Iain Sime, Harry Smith (npc), Patricia Matheson (coach: one of the few female coaches in all open series). Paul Gipson, a Scottish player and journalist – – drew this sketch of his countrymen:

It is the first medal ever won by a Scotland team at the European Team Championships, although Scottish players did win medals playing for Great Britain before the split into individual countries at the end of 1999.

Harry Smith (NPC): Bubbly and enthusiastic non-playing captain. Played for the seniors in Pau 2008.

John Matheson and Willie Coyle: a long-term partnership. Consistently the strong pair of the team and probably the strongest Scotland pair playing in any event in Dublin.

Iain Sime and John Murdoch: the youngsters, a new partnership formed by two players who normally play for the Open team.

Derek Diamond and Victor Silverstone: another new partnership now that Victor, who has played frequently for England over the past decade, has returned to his roots. Derek is also member of the Commonwealth Nations gold medal winning team.

The other three teams to Bali 2013 are Denmark (4th), Germany (5th), Belgium (6th). Only the ninth place for Italy: a disappointing result.

The final roster:
 1: France 337
 2: Poland 3328
 3: Scotland 325
 4: Denmark 320,5
 5: Germany 320
 6: Belgium 314
 7: Israel 310,5
 8: Netherlands 309
 9: Italy 298,5
10: England 297
11: Sweden 290
12: Bulgaria 287
13: Turkey 284
14: Norway 277
15: Ireland 276
16: Spain 232.5
17: Estonia 221
18: Wales 209
19: Finland 193


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

June 23, 2012

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