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2012 Montegrotto Bridge Festival: The winners

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Norberto Bocchi and Agustin Madala won the National Open Pairs tourney of Montegrotto, before other 133 pairs. In second place there are the Bulgarians Nanev-Gunev, 3 per cent under the winners; third comes the pair Pecci-Generosi and fourth  Duboin-Sementa. Great performance of Malipiero-Tamassia and Trevisiol-Stefani, fifth and sixth. In seventh place there is a new partnership: De Michelis-Clair. We’ll see again this pair in National Team Championships. Eight are Totaro-Catellani. In the ninth position there are Francesco Natale and Francesca Carafa.

Fabrizio Hugony and Loris Casadei won the “100 in due” tourney. “100 in due” means that the sum of partners’ age is at least one hundred. Hugony is a well known champion, but Loris is the main person of the overall event: the sponsor (Chief Executive of Porsche Italia).

In the International Team there is a “unexpected” result: the victory of Padova, by Claudio Bavaresco, Gennaro Manganella, Claudio Manoli, and Maurizio Palmieri. They aren’t famous players – that is why “unexpected” – but who know them is by no means surprised. In second place there is the past two year winner: Marisa Bonori of Bologna with her great team-mates: Gabriele Gavelli, Stefano Caiti, Maurizio Pattacini. Third place to Romain Zaleski, with Manno, Lanzarotti, Giubilo. Fourth comes Lavazza (Lavazza M. T., Ferraro, Bocchi, Madala, Duboin, Sementa).

In the mixed and women pair tourney the victory went to Francesco Natale and Barbara Cesari.

 In the International Team tourney played 86 teams; last year were 89, but in the Open Pair the result is +20 to 2012. Thinking to the hard economic times that Italy is living, this is a very good result (the Città di Milano, played three months ago, lost more teams). Then, congratulations to the sponsor Loris Casadei and to Pier Luigi Malipiero and Lino Bonelli, the winning team of the Circolo degli Eremitani’s staff.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

March 12, 2012

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