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2012 Italian Pairs Championships

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The Roman Carlo Carpentieri and Mario Guarino are the 2012 Open Pairs Champions. The former, as many know, is in NeapolitanClub’s Technical Committee. The winners made 59,01, then a tie battle. In second position came Lorenzo Camerini and Andrea Carretti, from Reggio Emilia. Third are Carlo Totaro and Aldo Gerli from Padova. The Women Championship’s winners are Virginia Cosignani e Falà, from San Benedetto del Tronto, and Antonietta Rella née Palanca, from Ascoli Piceno; in second position there are Cinzia Agrillo and Shalha Mofahkami. Third are the 2011 title holder: Cristina Golin and Gabriella Olivieri (respectively Genova and Padova).

Curiosity. The system of Cosignani-Palanca is the Fiori Ascoli; it is almost all standard, with natural 1♣ and 1NT opening, but with a unusual feature: the response 1 over 1♣ is weak but forcing; the opener’s rebid 1NT shows a balanced 18-20 hand, whereas the rebid 1(♠) is in the range 12-14 and does not grant four cards in the named suit.

The hand here presented were dealt in the Open semifinal, between the first and the third placed.

MP, all vuln. Gerli had: ♠xxxx KQxxAQxx ♣x, and the auction went:

West North East South

Totaro  Guarino    Gerli     Carpentieri

1NT     Pass       2♣      Double

Redouble Pass ?

Aldo Gerli, disciplined, stayed fixed: he passed, cashing 1260 (+1).

We have made a blitz-poll: we asked to twelve unknown Italian BBOers what they would have replied to Totaro ’s redouble. The interviewed were six women and six men. The women were all self saying advanced or expert: three of them would have passed. The men were all self saying expert: none of them would have passed.


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

April 02, 2012

[Pictures from FIGB website]

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