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2012 Euroepan Championships: A complicated hand

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2012 European Team Championships: 12-23 June,  Dublin (Ireland). Here is a hand played in the 9th Round, it generated swings in 15 of the 16 tables where was played.

In the Italy-Germany match this board produced 11 IMPs for Italy. Sementa in North opened 1♣ and Piekarek overcalled 1♠, Duboin continued with 2♦ transfer to heart and Smirnov in West called 2♥ showing a spade raise and an inviting or better hand.

North passed and East accepted the invitation with 4♠. But things weren’t over for  Sementa so he bidded 5♣, asking partner to choose between clubs and hearts. Smirnov doubled and all passed. The lead was ♦A, with a little diamond continuation. Declarer won the second trick with the ♦K and played the ♥Q, afterwards he ruffed a spade and let run the ♣9…12 tricks.

In the other table, Fritsche also opened 1♣, and Lauria also overcalled 1♠, but Rohowsky decided to bid 3♥, weakish?, Versace Doubled, North passed and Lauria continued with 3♠. Rohowski defended to 4♣…final contract…declarer made 11 tricks that cost him 1 IMP per trick.

In the Russia-Netherlands match, both tables played 5♣, but was doubled in only one of them, both declarers made 11 tricks but Russia got 4 IMPs because of not doubling the final contract…The same happened in the Monaco- Switzerland match, Switzerland won the doubled 5♣ contract and Monaco won it but not doubled, but in this match both declarers won 12 tricks generating a 6 IMP swing for Switzerland.

In the Hungary-Sweden match, Hungary in N/S played 4♥X, 2 down, -300. In the other room, Sweden played and make 5♣ , 12 IMPs for them.

 Board 9: All Results

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Group A

Group B


Ana Roth

source: CSBNews

June 16, 2012

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