2012 Dublin: Jason & Justin Hackett out of English national team

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Jason Hackett and twin brother and regular bridge partner Justin have not been selected to represent England at the upcoming European Championships in Dublin, Ireland.  The English open team is composed of: Alexander Allfrei, Peter Crouch, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Derek Patterson, Andrew Robson, Simon Cope (not playing captain) and Ben Green (coach). The exclusion of Jason and Justin  came as a shocker to a lot of English bridge fans. Since the mid nineties the brothers have had substantial accomplishments in International bridge events.

Among others they grabbed the gold in European and World Junior Championships, scored and finished high in the Rosenblum Cup and the Transnational World Championships and they won the silver medal at the 1st World Mind Sports Games.

Jason Hackett himself explains his view in a long contrbute for BridgeTopics.com:

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April 30, 2012

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