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2011 Tianjin Binhai Cup World – Men Elite Bridge Tournament

Posted on 09 September 2011

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2011 Tianjin Binhai Cup World – Men Elite Bridge Tournament from 10 to 14 September Tianjin (China). The Binhai Cup World Open Elite Invitation will start in Tianjin, 75 miles southeast of Beijing. The participants will include: Italy/England, The Netherlands, Diamond (USA), Sweden, Asian Stars, WBF team, China and Tianjin, the host. The tournament comprises Teams and Pairs competitions. The matches will be broadcast on BBO.

Format: 8 teams will compete in the Team Match. A single round robin consisting of 7 rounds of 20-board matches will be played. The team accumulating the highest number of Victory Points will be the winner. 24 pairs will compete in the IMP Pairs. An Endless Howell of 23 rounds of 3 boards each will be played, in barometer style. The pair accumulating the most IMPs will be the winner

Wang Zhige, senior player, coach, director, translator and reporter will be the chief editor of the Daily Bulletins.

Here are the American and European Teams:


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