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2011 Poznan European Open: Changed regulations for mixted pairs

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5th EUROPEAN OPEN BRIDGE CHAMPIONSHIPS – Poznan (Poland) 17th June – 2nd July 2011.  The Open European Championships  start today at 10,30 (cet)  with mixted teams: The mixted teams enrolled are 89. In the last edition (Italy, Sanremo 2009) the enrolled mixted teams were 91.  The Opening Ceremony will take place tonight at Lake Malta (Picnic Field Malta Ski, Baraniaka Street) at 21.00.  By Official Bulletin we learn that the regulations for the Mixed Teams have been changed: 

Due to the number of entries, the regulations for the Mixed Teams have been changed as to the criteria for qualification to Semifinal A. Here are the new ones: At the end of the Round-robin the first 3 teams from each group will qualify for Swiss A and the other teams for Swiss B.(In case of odd number of groups, the best 4th team will be chosen according to the following criteria: a. VPs scored against the top three b. IMP quotient c. IMP balance.) The team ranked 1st in each section will receive a carryover of 3 VP and the team ranked 2nd a carryover of 1 VP. The teams will play a Swiss competition of 5 rounds. The matches for the 1st round in the Swiss are randomly chosen (without taking into account the carryover VPs) except that teams will not meet teams from their qualifying group and 1st ranked teams will not meet 1st ranked teams. Maurizio Di Sacco – Championship’s Manager


Source: Official Bulletin

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