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2011 Montegrotto: Paolo E. Garrisi reads the final score of “100 for two”

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The Department of Physics of Rome University has a room, next to the library, where the students can talk and relax. In early seventies, a part of this room was colonized by a bunch of bridge playing students – it never did ascertained what they studied, physics or bridge. Salvatore, one of them, a time stood up soon from table. “Why?” asked Mario, his partner. “I have an exam against Leo”. Leo was as they called that professor. Twenty minutes later Salvatore was back. “The exam?” Mario asked. “Leo doubled”, he replied, sitting again and shuffling the deck.

“Leo” was Galileo Violini: he often played with his students. Leo is now at Montegrotto, where with his partner Luca Caneschi has examined and “doubled” seventy pairs in the tourney 100 for 2. Their percentage: 66,49!

In the second place we have another champion, Paolo Fogel, with Paolo Clair. Third come Massimo Lanzarotti and Aldino Nassani. In fourth and fifth place are Enzo Fabbri-Giuseppe Miraglia and Paolo Chizzoli-Franco De Giacomo. Sixth place for Andrea Manno and Maria Rosa Sterza.

Now, searching friends, we find Michele Leone, Neapolitan Club’s contributor, and Olivia Olivieri in nineth  place. Bravi, Olivia and Michele!

Bravi as well to Simona Grossi and Franca Serangeli. The place is not very high (33°), but here there is a story too. In the same times when Leo doubled Salvatore – less or more – Simona and Franca started to play together. They could become a leading pair in Italy, but Franca early ceased to play for work commitments. Franca has come back to bridge since few months, and they joined again. Let’s wait and see. Welcome back, Franca and Simona!

In 36° place are Romain Zaleski and Apolinary Kowalsky (49,29%): it looks low, but this is a new pair too, and unlucky probably. In 42° there is the Italian Arbiters’ Chief Maurizio Di Sacco with Marcella Tempestini. In 47° there is another strong pair, unlucky too: Renate Sabine Hansen with Andreas Babsch, from Austria.

In lower position there are…sorry the space is finished.

by Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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Final score 100 for two ( first ten pairs)

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