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2011 Montegrotto – Ladies Mixed Pairs: Final scores

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Sandra and Natale are the heroes of the mixed-ladies pair Montegrotto 2011. They didn’t win; true to tell they didn’t make an high percentage, nor even a middle one…but let’s start from the beginning. First it need to explain that “Mixed-Ladies” means that at least one of the pair had to be a woman. The winners are Monica Aghemo and Andrea Buratti. Congratulations. Of the other masters, we signal the good place of Sara De Sario Cividin with Denis Durisotto, 9°. In the third place we meet Laura Consonni-Roberto Rivera.

A note need on the second pair, the Austrians Renate Sabine Hansen and Andreas Babsch. Yesterday we have said that the bad place of this pair in the preceding tourney was probably due to misfortune. Today we confirm it: the today’s second place witnesses their strength.

Back to Sandra and Natale: in reporting a bridge tourney score, it is usual write all names, ending with these kindly words after the last place: “…And many others”. In this case we can sincerely write it because after a very low place, right 100° of Sandra and Natale, still there is a crowd! In this tourney played 120 pairs, a record. And after Sandra and Natale, both NC (Not Classified), there are, between those “many others”, many first category players and a GM downright!

Brava Sandra, well done Natale!


Paolo Enrico Garrisi

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