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2011 Italian Open Team Championships: Gluck’s view

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2011 Open Team Championships, Salsomaggiore 28 April – 1 May. Veni, vidi, vici… The Caesar’s quote is on the streamer of Mr. Romain Zaleski’s Team. Presenting this championship, I foresaw that the winner would be Lavazza or Angelini or, right, Zaleski (but the correct name is Sbarigia – Canottieri Roma). Zaleski – Sbarigia dominated the championship: eight victories and only one 14-16 defeat.

The runners up trailed 19 VPs, we’ll tell now about them.Third, at 27 VP, comes Angelini; in the direct match, Zaleski beat them by 23 IMP. The victor’s names are: tireless Romain Zaleski; very reliable Giubilo, paired up with both Romain or Lorenzo Lauria; very sound Mario D’Avossa and Riccardo Intonti; just stellar – and so we used up the adjectives – just stellar Lauria e Versace.

Lorenzo also won the Butler score; here Versace comes second; in third position of the Butler tie Fantoni and Nunes. The Team Angelini (Leonardo Cima, Benito Garozzo Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes, Francesco Angelini, Federico Primavera), foughta head to head until two rounds before the end, after they yielded.

About the runners up, Lavazza: it wasn’t the same team that won in China, maybe they paid the fatigue of Wuxi (or maybe the jet lag).

The runner up is the team Miroglio (from Alba, Piemonte). They are: Giulio Bongiovanni, a craft playing captain, Andrea Buratti with Amedeo Comella and the Polish Apolinary Kowalski with Jacek Romanski. They dedicate the victory to Giovanni Albamonte, their young teammate passed three months ago: Giovanni last year led them to the promotion in First Serie. They told me that they suffered his missing in the human feeling as in the technical value; but I think that Giovanni is now smiling.

 Ladies. The team Martellini Genova wins the title by a great final match against the leaders, Fornaciari Bologna. They trailed 17 VPs from Fornaciari, but won 63-22 (24-6), so prevailing by one VP! Congratulations to both Teams for the great championship they played. Third comes Santolini Parioli.

Martellini Genova: Chiara and Silvia Martellini, Francesca Piscitelli and Debora Campagnano, Marina Causa and Emanuela Fusari.


Gluck (Gianluca Gentili) 

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